Jette Clover – Small Notes: Edgar Allan Poe

SMALL NOTE # 175 Edgar Allan Poe

# 175 Edgar Allan Poe

20 x 15 cm

€ 150 / £ 130

shipping to UK £ 10
shipping to Europe £12
shipping to the rest of the world £15



I started the series Small Notes in 2001, when I discovered that I had a lot of stamps depicting famous people. The stamps are the direct source of inspiration. I try to capture the personality behind the picture mainly through colour. I work very spontaneously, just using scraps of fabric and rarely cuting anything. The stitching by hand brings me in intimate contact with the materials and the content. The finished pieces are approximately 20 x 15 cm.

In 2010 I published the book ‘Small Notes’ about this series. At that time I had ‘only’ made 157 small portraits, but the series keeps growing, and in the meantime I have finished a total of 265 pieces – and the series continues to grow as long as I find new/ old stamps with personalities that speak to me.


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