I Want to Stitch – Bethan Ash

I Want to Stitch

Art quilt inspired by the poem ‘I Want to Paint’ by Adrian Henri. I was a great fan of his in the 1960’s and considered him one of Liverpool’s greatest poets. Sadly he passed away in 2007 – just after I’d completed the quilt.

Year:        2007

Technique:    Improvisational cut and fused and pieced wall quilt. Cut and fused wording applied to resist dyed panels. Machine stitched and quilted.

Materials:    100% hand, resist and discharge dyed cotton upper, cotton filling and backing


ba_i want to stitch_full view_low res


I am a full-time quilt artist living in Neath, West Wales.  I believe that colour is the subject matter of quilt-making and this is shown in my work which vibrates in colourful, abstract and geometric shapes of clean crisp lines.


When making each new piece I always search for a sense of movement, harmony and balance. The surface techniques I use range in approach from computer-manipulated imagery and collage to painting.  I am strongly influenced by social and popular culture.


I make art quilts because I have a deep respect and love for their history as a vehicle for personal expression. I believe that they are tactile evidence that we were here and left something of value “as a mirror of ourselves and accomplishments”.  It is meaningful to me that quilt-making is a woman’s art and heritage, and that I am but one link in a tradition – a chain of women expressing their opinions and feelings in cloth, needle and thread.