White Wall 2 – Jette Clover


White Wall 2

122 x 122cm

3,200 Euros/£2,800

White Wall 2-001


Almost all of my quilts refer to writing. I was a journalist before I became an artist, and language  and communication continue to be my main source of inspiration. I like words, both because of their graphic quality and because of their ability to convey meaning. The text on my pieces, however, is not meant to be contemplated for its meaning. It is there to be seen – rather than to be read – and to be seen as a symbol of communication.


I am especially inspired by the walls with torn posters, faded advertisements and overlapping graffiti – arbitrary layers creating meaning through systems of fragmentations and associations, a language well-known to us from the media, advertising and computer.


Through my walks in the city I collect street –memories. I photograph signs and symbols and text fragments and make (thermofax) screens with which I print onto cloth. I apply a variety of surface design techniques including painting, printing, rubbing, rusting and discharge and construct my quilts  like a collage with many layers of cotton, linen, cheese cloth and paper joined by extensive hand- and machine stitching.