Sandra Meech – Silent Voice 1


Silent Voice is part of a series of works based on endangered woodlands. This piece represents forests and trees that have been loved and lost for a variety of reasons from climate change – fire, drought, flooding – and infestation, to urban expansion.

I have used ghostly images with minimal colour to illustrate this, with the red/rust representing dying forests in western Canada affected by the pine beetle – a result of warm winters. Photo imagery, paintings and writings are transferred onto cloth which is pieced and machine quilted.

About Sandra Meech
Originally from Ontario Canada, I trained as a graphic artist and designer at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. After a career in publishing both in Canada and the UK, I completed a Diploma in Stitched Textiles in Britain, fulfilling an early interest in an artistic approach using fabric and stitch. 

As part of my research for the course I discovered the textiles and clothing of the Caribou Inuit in Northern Canada and it was this fascination with the Arctic landscape, and these northern people and their traditions that led to a visit to Baker Lake and Rankin Inlet and a series of work called Arctic Expressions.

Transferring photographs onto cotton, with painted fabric and collage has been my favoured technique over the years, but imagery isn’t enough. The use of light and shade with machine quilting and stitch are the ‘marks’ that bring the surface to life.