Sneaky Look at a New Book!! – Approaches to Stitch

TOH are delighted to feature this new book by Maggie Grey, featuring amongst others, the fabulous work of Elizabeth Brimelow, including her new piece that was at Festival Of Quilts in the Fine Art Masters category.
(click post to read more and see images of Elizabeth Brimelow’s fabulous quilt)

Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists’, will be the next book from d4daisy books. To be published in the autumn, it asks six textile artists about their personal approaches to stitch. Their work includes quilting, stitching, mixed media and journalling, and each is an expert in her own field. The artists are Elizabeth Brimelow, Ro Bruhn, Sian Martin, Olga Norris, Beryl Taylor and Ruth Lee and you can see examples of their work on the website here.

Each artist will talk about her work and then expand on it so that the reader will be able to try a technique (or two) for themselves, which they can then adapt and develop as a base for their own experiments. Editor of the book, Maggie Grey, says that she is really excited about the people she has invited to contribute and everyone at d4daisy books is confident that this will be one of our best books yet.