Freebies!! How-to videos by Laura and Linda Kemshall on DMTV

Click here to follow the link to some of the best of on-line tutorials and inspiration. It’s completely free….they are tasters for the DMTV series of weekly videos.

Here’s what’s available:

Exploring Monoprint

Laura’s using monoprint to create a range of fabrics for her quilts. Join her to see how this expressive and exciting technique works on cloth. Run time approx 24 minutes
Waxing Papers

Try waxing handmade and painted papers to add depth of colour and a beautiful translucency. Run time approx. 16 minutes
Painted Fusible

Add beautiful painterly shapes to your quilts or other textile pieces using fusible web simply coloured with acrylics. Run time approx.  11 minutes
Sketchbook Secrets – Using Photocopies Part 1

Are you nervous about drawing? Get started in your sketchbook by using photocopies as a base for layering colour and getting familar with the motifs that you’re using. Run time approx. 14 minutes

Finding Inspiration

Getting started on a new project can be tough. In this show Linda explains where she’s found inspiration for a new series of textile pieces. Run time approx 12 minutes