So just how does an artist get into a gallery??

(left: crowds for the opening of Through Our Hands at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. The exhibition had over 25,000 visitors)

Through Our Hands have banded together simply to provide exhibition opportunities for quilt, textile, and mixed media artists. It’s always easier to approach galleries with good quality work and artists and a wide portfolio of exhibitions already undertaken.

We are not a group as such – there are no commitments, meetings, rules and regulations; we don’t set themes for each other to work to etc., just a chance to get into as many presitgious art galleries as we can!

Here’s a jolly good read for you, if like us, you want to try for gallery spaces.

Here’s the link and an extract of the article.

“As astounding as this may seem, there’s a structure and a protocol to the art world, and to the gallery system in particular; it’s a system that’s been in place pretty much as long as galleries have been around, and one that’s not about to change. So the quicker you learn the basics, the more time, effort, money and especially heartache you’ll save when searching for galleries that are right for your art. The good news is that once you understand how things work, you can purposefully and effectively make your way through artland in order to get where you want to go, wherever that may be.” continued….