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The Ragged Cafe is a blog that has several authors who choose to talk about various subject connected with art and in particular textiles. A link here.  They encourage comments and discussions and it might be somewhere you’d like to tune into now and then, over a nice cup of tea!  Here’s a sample of a post written by Margaret Cooter about the temporary nature of some art.


When art is temporary, does it last? (by Margaret Cooter)

Published October 20, 2013 

Would you like this to happen to your art?

It was done by permission of the artist, Motoi Yamamoto. Yamamoto’s  salt sculptures, which take weeks to install, include Floating Garden (below). It represents the eye of a storm, so perhaps what happened at the end of the show – the perfect storm of preschoolers – was entirely appropriate. Generally, on the last day of his exhibitions, the salt is returned to the sea.
Seeing the photo of the “destruction” of the work led to thoughts about the permanence, or ephemerality, of art works. Why do some artists deliberately make work that isn’t meant to last “forever”? 

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