Video: Simple free machine pattern used on Life 10 (Leaf Mould)

Life 10 is a quilt called Leaf Mould. It’s about war.

The story:  It’s Pat’s birthday, and whilst at a yoga class, she begins to think about her youth, and her experiences on the same day in 1940, during the Coventry blitz.

The quilt shows a young woman in a yoga position, surrounded by falling leaves.  These leaves are printed with photographs of families etc taken during WW2. They were donated very kindly by followers of my Facebook page.

The leaves fall to the ground where they begin to decay into Leaf Mould.  There is more about this on my blog here, but I thought you might like a closer look at one of the quilting patterns for this area of the quilt.

I wanted straight lines, but the addition of a leaf or two, adds another layer of meaning for me.  I simply straightened out the pattern you see below.  NB The fabric was printed for me by Laura and is a list of all the wars, ever.