How do you store your quilts/textiles? Here’s an idea

First of all, this isn’t an advertisement, and there’s no affiliation, but just recently I’ve been searching for ways to store my Life Quilts. The quilts are large and have been stored flat on a bed, but I’m now on number 10 and need to think of something a bit more permanent.
I came across this site which offers really high grade, acid free, storage tubes.  My DD works for an art gallery and museum and she gave me the link a while back.  However, I was horrified at the cost especially as I’d need at least 20. Great if you have some spare cash though.
So I looked for a cheaper alternative, and came up with this site – there are many similar ones, so do look around.  It never occurred to me that someone could make boxes to your own specifications, and they are much much cheaper.  I guess you get what you pay for but my boxes will do just fine for now.  I had 25 made 6″ square and nearly 2 metres long and they’re perfect. The quilts are rolled in washed white cotton, with masses of acid free tissue paper. They’re then wrapped in more tissue and bubblewrap before being put in their boxes, sealed and labelled.  Suck on that moths!! (I haven’t got moths, but anyone who knows me will tell you, that I’m a little worried about them)