British Women Artists Winner 2013

Through Our Hands posted a short while ago to let you know about the above competition, which was calling for entries.  They’ve chosen the best and you can now see the winners by following the link below.  It was a short video, which should be embeddable but sadly wouldn’t work for me, so here’s a link to the video.

Winning Video

The Women of Chelsea



The Women of Chelsea  (Runner Up)

Artist Alice Steffen

I am always drawn to works that effectively portray sense of conflict accessible to the viewer and what feels to be an insight into the internal world of the artist. This sense of conflict really packs a punch for me on first glance at the stunning piece ‘Women of Chelsea’. With an innovative use of materials that show a level of commitment to the execution of the piece, ‘Woman of Chelsea’ projects a sense of determination and aggression. Conceptually exploring issues of class in a political context, for me the piece has a personal energy that is incredibly moving. The tension between that which is visually ‘beautiful’ and at a closer glance reveals a far less palatable truth, for me makes a lasting impression.



Disarmed and ever so slightly dangerous. from Stacey Guthrie on Vimeo.