Dijanne Cevaal is coming to Europe

Below are details of an exhibition where you can see TOH artist Dijanne Cevaal’s work this year, in Europe.  Dijanne lives in Australia, but regularly visits to teach and exhibit.

The exhibition is in Palaiseau, during March, and will feature Dijanne’s sentinelle project which has involved  a 100 or so women around the world, who have embroidered  linocut printed panels. Dijanne says:  “I had no idea how this would turn out as the panels are all the same apart from colour- but what everyone has done with stitching is just sensational- it makes my own imagination seem lacklustre…. I also made new work inspired by Chartres”.

Dijanne will be in the UK in early April for a trade exhibition/craft & hobby Fair in London and will go up to Yorkshire for a few days as well and then head back to Quilts en Beaujolais.