Halfway Between – Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles, 19th March to 30th April

9742160_origThe above image intrigued me, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out who’s it was or it’s name to attribute, but please go to the website to see more!

NEWS FLASH! Just in, an update for the above piece.  It was made by Kate Crossley, (Website: http://katecrossley.com)
“It is a detail from the Chrysalis series. Machine embroidery, found objects and text set in dyed resin. Work from this series will be shown in the exhibition Halfway Between at the Knitting and Stitching show next week. I and other members of the group will be around all week to chat.”

If you can’t make it to the spring Knitting and Stitching show (Olympia 13th to 16th March), then there will be a second chance as the exhibition moves on to to:

National Needlework Archive
Old Chapel Textile Centre, Newbury, Berkshire
Wednesday 19 March to
Wednesday 30 April 2014
Saturday opening: 5 April

The website for more information is here and there’s lots of information and pictures of work in progress.

This is what they say:

“Halfway Between — the concept

Ask yourself ‘Halfway between what?’ and you may find yourself travelling in some very intriguing directions. The group certainly did when it asked itself this question at the start of its latest project in September 2012. Since then we have been working on their own interpretations of this question.The result is a varied and stimulating collection of pieces that explore this concept. Some artists were inspired by landscapes, nature and folk tales. Others have created very personal interpretations that were stimulated by thoughts halfway between fantasy and reality, between conflicts and between life and death.”