Found Exhibition -RBSA 31st March to 12th April


A lot of our readers will know Stephanie Redfern and her work. She has exhibited widely and has had extensive showings at quilt shows/festivals and galleries. Stephanie is exhibiting with her fellow Quatrefoil artists Jacqueline Calladine, Annette Lucas ARBSA as part of “Found” at RBSA. (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) Extra details below and can also be found here

Stephanie also has a blog which can be found here  Just click to follow if you’d like to keep up with her life and work.

The website says about Stephanie: “After 20 years as a professional ceramicist Stephanie now works with fabric, stitch, and mixed media. She paints and prints her own fabrics, and designs and makes machine and hand stitched embroideries, hangings, artist’s books, and prints. Her influences are the natural world, abstract art, comics and the use of her own texts, in her books and other works. She has won several prizes for her work in the past 5 years, most recently at the Museum of Modern Art in Wales. Her work has appeared in several publications and she has published two books, ‘Into the Cacao Grove’ and ‘The Stone Bird.’ She is now working on a third.”

Quatrefoil  Found


The aim of this exhibition is to enable us to use the theme and title Found as a starting point to explore some of its many meanings.

 The next stage is to engage with them on a personal level and then share the outcomes in exhibition form, and also through discussion and interaction in the meet the artist sessions with the visitors to the RBSA.

 Using Found as our theme is very appropriate at this stage in our development as a group.  In a sense we found each other and this has become an important factor in taking our work forward both as individuals and as a group.

 People have commented that our exhibitions of work are inspirational, challenging, thought provoking and have a calming effect. With Found as our theme we believe that these qualities will continue to develop and hopefully have the potential to engage people on many levels.

 This exhibition may also encourage people to look at their own environment and contemplate their own surroundings, their own life journey, their preferences, spirituality, and connections.

 To us, Found is a connective force, moving between thought, feeling, emotion, action, and creativity.

 Our work will challenge people to think about the trivial, the discarded, the thrown away, the world that we live in and how something that can be worthless to one person can become a treasure to someone else. The work will be thought provoking and through it the audience will be encouraged to consider the context of Found in their own lives.