New Magazine Coming Soon!

A few days ago, we posted to say that the magazine would be changing slightly, from it’s current daily blog-style postings, to something a bit more exciting.
Laura and I have been working hard to come up with something we think you’ll like, keeping the same listings and news and views about competitions, calls for entries, shows,  places to visit and exhibitions to see.
So rather than a daily blog post, we’ll be putting together a free online, monthly page-turner magazine.  If you already follow the TOH blog, you’ll receive your copy once a month, into your inbox, so there’s no need to do anything.  If you’re on our newsletter mailing list you’ll receive your copy that way. And, of course, it’ll all be on the website too, along with the back copies. You’ll also be able to print the magazine out if you wish, or share it with others.
There’s a bit of work involved with changing it all over, and we’re hoping the first edition will be ready by the beginning of May!