New magazine – sign up for it here.

Laura and Annabel,  co-curators here at Through Our Hands, have been working very hard recently to bring a new project together.  It’s the new Through Our Hands magazine, and we’re happy to say, we’re ALMOST ready to publish. Here’sa snippet to tempt you!

The magazine is currently 54 pages long and FREE.  If you’d like a copy delivered straight to your inbox, then please do sign up for our newsletter here  You’ll be able to download it, share it, and print it out.  More details coming very soon!!

We’re also tweeting at @throughourhands for up to the minute news and views from Through Our Hands.

If you decide not to sign up for the magazine, we’ll put the occasional posting here on the blog, with some of the very best features,  just so you don’t miss out.