Margaret Cooter

Margaret Cooter has delighted in sewing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, and plunged into quilting in Canada in the 1970s. In the 1990s, drawing and textiles classes (with Julia Caprara and others at City Lit, London) launched her into the art world, and after finishing with the day job a few years ago, she immersed herself in an art foundation course and then an MA at Camberwell College of Arts. Margaret is an active member of CQ (Contemporary Quilt, and currently edits its magazine. She works in mixed media textiles, artists books, and ceramics, and she blogs about art and life – and the murky area in between – at

“The Moth’s Journey” (2003) upcycles moth-eaten woollens


Porcelain Books (2013) – paper printed with clay is dipped into porcelain slip, then fired; the paper and supporting sticks burn away in the kiln
“The Journey to the Studio” (daily stitching, 2012) reached a length of 4 metres; folded newspaper stitched onto inked Colour Catchers
journeyToTheStudio2012_with detail