Sara Impey

About Sara

Sara Impey made her first quilt while still at school in 1971. She is self-taught, and for many years patchwork was fitted around her career as a newspaper journalist and her family. In the 1980s she joined a local quilting group and discovered the potential of the quilt as an art form. She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally for twenty years. Her work has won many awards and is included in public and private collections. Her book ‘Text in Textile Art’ was published in 2013.
For the last ten years she has specialised in stitched lettering using free-motion machine quilting. The inclusion of text both as a design element and a tool for communication opens up an inexhaustible area of expressive potential. It enables her to use the quilt surface to experiment with wordplay through texture, pattern and colour, while exploring social and personal issues, sometimes with a dash of humour. She writes her own material. Some of her recent work experiments with three dimensions and unusual forms of display.
As well as being a TOH artist, she has been a member of Quilt Art since 2001. She is an honorary member of The Quilters’ Guild and a member of Anglia Textile Works.



Blue-Sky Thinking. Photo: Kevin Mead

No Exit. 2013. Photo: Kevin Mead

Interconnections. 2013. Photo: Kevin Mead
Absorption. 2013. Photo: Kevin Mead