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10 Days to go! Help Dijanne Cevaal publish

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Dijanne Cevaal featured in the latest edition of the Through Our Hands magazine  and wrote about her travels and what inspires her. She has a great deal of work in sketchbooks, and journals about her visits to France, a place she clearly loves, and would like to share them all with us.

She has a plan to write a book about her travels called Musings in Textile – France Book  and has come up with an ingenious way of trying to raise funds for it’s publication, marketing etc.  Just click on the link or paste this address into your browser – – and listen to Dijanne talk to you about what she hopes to achieve.

Perhaps you may be able to support her in some way?  The fund raising effort is unfortunately on a time limit and there are only 10 days to go.  Good Luck Dijanne!

(Below: “Travellers Blanket” by Dijanne Cevaal, as seen at Festival of Quilts 2013)