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The Unknown Statistic

image of the unknown statistic
Sue Stone - detail of The Unknown Statistic
image of The Unknown Statistic
Sue Stone • The Unknown Statistic

The Unknown Statistic 2014

They stood in the doorway and watched. He whistled as he walked away. The tune still hangs in the air. He didn’t look back and they never saw him again. The number of children left fatherless by WW1 was not accurately recorded either nationally or locally. Memories fade. Their young lives went on but were changed forever.

Note: Trawler men believed that it was bad luck to look back as they walked to the docks when going back to sea.
Size : 102 x 71 cms
Materials : cotton/ linen fabric, cotton threads, fabric and acrylic paints
Techniques : hand and machine embroidery, painting
Photography : David Ramkalawon

image of a detail of the unknown statistic
Sue Stone • Detail of The Unknown Statistic

In this composition Sue Stone combines an image from the family album with an image of some graffiti found in the east end of London, Grimsby Street E2 area. It simply said “Never Forget”. Sue’s great grandfather, Skipper Harry Conder was drowned when the trawler, Fittonia was sunk by a mine at the very beginning of WW1. He left behind a wife and several children, the youngest of whom was around 10 years old when his father died. image if The Unknown Statistic

Detail of The Unknown Statistic