image of detail of double take
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Sue Stone • Double take

Double Take 2014 A whimsical composition in which two disparate images merge to allude to the passing of time. A snapshot of some unknown children found in a family album.

image of detail of Portrait of a Grimsby Girl
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Sue Stone

Artist Statement Sue Stone makes work about what she knows and how it has affected her. Her work is mainly figurative, often regionalist, and usually has a partial narrative. Her inspiration,

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Genevieve Attinger – Les Liens Profonds

Les Liens Profonds 137 x 105 The family is growing, and the story continues, and there will be a new generation” This work links the past, the present, and the

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Genevieve Attinger – Fleur de Soufre

Fleur de Soufre 90 x 55 x 10 Fleur de Soufre (sulphur flower) is connected to vulcanology: H2S, hydrogen sulphide rising from the depth of volcanoes is oxidized at the

Genevieve Attinger

Genevieve Attinger – Out of Eden

Genevieve Attinger Out of Eden 138cms x 120 cms This is the last quilt in a series of 3, interpreting the Adam and Eve story. Real life is not a

Genevieve Attinger

Genevieve Attinger – Temptation

Temptation 128cms x 120cms This is the second quilt in the series of 3, and is an interpretation of the Adam and Eve story.  It is about temptation and whether

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Genevieve Attinger – Eden 1

Genevieve Attinger Eden 1 123cms x 128cms   Creation is not a spontaneous act, it needs reflection.  When I began the Eden series, I wondered how to translate future treason,

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Bundles Of …

  Bundles Of … . 2013.  17″ x 19″ x 21″. Vintage doll cradle, homemade pillows, tied scrolls from scraps of household linens and lace. Statement: Tiny scrolls of tied

Susan Lenz

The Canopy

  The Canopy. 2012. 12′ x 10′ x 18′.  Vintage doilies and lace. Statement: A canopy bed is an iconic symbol from fairy-tales, dreams, childhood, romance novels, historical interiors, and

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Lift and Tuck

  Lift and Tuck Susan Lenz Fibers: Vintage table runners, bra and girdle; recycled acrylic felt; mat board with collage; wool yarn and sewing thread. 44” x 20” December 2012

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