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Bundles Of …

  Bundles Of … . 2013.  17″ x 19″ x 21″. Vintage doll cradle, homemade pillows, tied scrolls from scraps of household linens and lace. Statement: Tiny scrolls of tied

Susan Lenz

The Canopy

  The Canopy. 2012. 12′ x 10′ x 18′.  Vintage doilies and lace. Statement: A canopy bed is an iconic symbol from fairy-tales, dreams, childhood, romance novels, historical interiors, and

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Lift and Tuck

  Lift and Tuck Susan Lenz Fibers: Vintage table runners, bra and girdle; recycled acrylic felt; mat board with collage; wool yarn and sewing thread. 44” x 20” December 2012

Susan Lenz

Handed Down

  Handed Down. 2011.  47″ x 44″. Vintage gloves, paisley wool, and card table sized cut-work tablecloth. Hand stitched. Statement: Handed Down was created using 100% repurposed materials including more