Travellers Blanket – autumn shades


Small autumnal hand stitched Travellers Blanket,  using various embroidery stitches on hand dyed khadi which I get from India and which has been hand spun and loomed

29cms x 40cms


£165 plus p&p from Australia; artist will contact you direct with a price before sending.





The inspiration for this piece is the  idea of traversing the land, the Australian continent by the early explorers. So many of them wandered over mountains, through deserts,attempting to cross from north to south  many of them perishing in the attempts. The ones that did survive often did so with the help of the indigenous people- the people that the first settlers believed had no rights or connections to the land- if they had only listened to the myriad of stories from the many indigenous nations, the many songs and song lines, things might well have been different.