Bobby Britnell – Marks in the Landscape


‘Marks in the Landscape’

70cm x 70cm


Monoprint, machine stitching and hand painting onto natural scoured cotton.

BB Marks in the Landscape1Detail

About Bobby:

I have been involved in textiles for over 40 years, working in theatre costume and tailoring, before qualifying as a teacher. My working life is rich and varied. I am fortunate to have my own working studio where I can teach and create. My own teaching takes me all over the country and abroad. I teach in schools, for community groups, for guilds and also taught for several years on the degree programme for the Julia Caprara School of Stitched Textiles. The past two years has seen the development of ‘Working Together’, which are courses taught by myself and Ruth Issett, run mainly from my studio although we are happy to teach these courses elsewhere.




The beautiful Shropshire Countryside where I live and work, reflects my current working practise and has engaged my interest for some time. Marks and surfaces underfoot and the process of making these marks on cloth, has played its part in recent works. I enjoy the entire process of designing and drawing and an imporant stage in formualting ideas, is to start by making bold drawn statements in charcoal and pencil. The move into fabric is also very important and I constantly seek out progesses which I feel keep the vitality of the drawings in the translation into fabric and stitch. I enjoy changing the surface of fabrics through, dyeing, colouring, printing and at times continuing to employ the heavily machine-stitched surfaces that I enjoy using in my work.




A recent challenge has been the setting up of a Charity in Uganda which includes exploring creative links with the women with their traditional crafts and in my personal use with their fabrics. This I see as being a lifelong challenge and one I look forward to seeing develop