City In The Aire – Eszter Bornemisza

Eszter Bornemisz

City In The Aire


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I have always been fascinated by applied arts. I originally pursued the field of mathematics, earning a Ph.D. and worked as a researcher for nearly twenty years.  In the late 90’s my attention turned to textiles and I started to work as a quilter, having been influenced by the modern, experimental trends of contemporary art.


In my practice I try to work the unique characteristics of textiles while striving to find ways to make my own statements.  My starting points are ideas that reflect our relationships with traces and settlements of past cultures: the layers of existence. City plans appear as motives, signs, traces, ruins, and the silt of the past.  As the urban structure develops, widens, thickens, clots and creates subsystems in history, the cities that live within us undergo an endless and continuous evolution.  The exploration that appears in most of my works also determines my working process: on the one hand research of civilisation’s history and on the other hand experiments to find the right techniques for my expressions.


In recent years my interest turned towards large scale transparent textiles while keeping my sources of inspiration in patterns of urban living. Lately I have tried to expand the multi-layered networks of the cities into the form of three dimensional objects and installations. I use recycled paper, reprinted newspaper, discarded threads and yarns, or even cut into netted and dimensionally shaped pieces.