Inspired to Design – a new book by Elizabeth Barton

A great new book,  INSPIRED TO DESIGN, by Elizabeth Barton, is out now!


Elizabeth says:

“It’s all about how to create your own art quilt designs and the important things to think about and consider when you’re evaluating first your designs…and then the quilts as you make them.”

“The seven steps are: design sketches, size-shape-structure, depth and space, value, colour, evaluation, putting it all together.”

It’s 112 pages packed with information and lots of colour images of Elizabeth’s quilts – almost half of her entire repetoire!

The book is published by C&T and is of course available on   in both paperback and digital versions. In the UK the price is £16.63 for the hardback and £7.43 for the Kindle version.  (Though Elizabeth points out, that would be good for people to support their local quilt shops by asking for it there.)

And very excitingly, the other half of Elizabeth’s quilts are to be published in a sequel book which should be available in November/December.   What great timing for Christmas stockings!!