Three Sentinelles Blue – Dijanne Cevaal

Three Sentinelles Blue

Hand printed lino panel, hand dyed cotton, machine stitched,

35 ” x 38 ” ( approx). $800 AUS

cropped blue sent

This piece belongs to a series of work called Sentinelles, the inspiration for which is the icon/madonna/spirit/sentinelle/mother/earth. It’s been floating around in the brain/ether for a long time and has in fact made various appearances in journals over the years and even as a small linocut  quite some years ago ( though I can’t find the linocut any longer) When I travel and visit cathedrals I always seem to be drawn to the Magdalene/Madonna churches, but it isn’t only about that- it is also the way they look out into the world that draws me and the message they send- and then being able to somehow encapsulate my cultural heritage and express love for the land- I love the spirituality with which many indigenous artists have connected to the land- but theirs is a sacred journey – my European connection is different yet I too feel that  the land is an essential part of my being. I also love how Fred Williams came up with such individual marks for creating his landscapes and his changes of perspective- he found a voice with which to express his connection to the land- it’s very intimate and personal and I marvel every time I see his work. These Sentinelles are expressing some of this feeling and yet of concern too- that’s why i want them in all corners of the world and already they are finding places in different parts of the world. The stories are important!