Catch up with Alicia Merrett

Is taking part in the Designer Crafts at the Mall Galleries in London, January 10th to 19th.  This is the annual exhibition of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, where textiles are beautifully displayed next to contemporary furniture, ceramics, glass, etc.  It’s well worth a visit as it’s a really good and varied show, and there’s so many other wonderful venues nearby that you could easily make a day of it.

More news from Alicia

“I will be the curator of Wide Horizons IV, SAQA’s bi-annual exhibition for members of the Europe and Middle East region. Announcements are on the SAQA website.  Artists can join at the time if they wish to participate.  It will open at the European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace in September 2014, and tour Europe for a year.

In fact, Wide Horizons III, the current SAQA Europe exhibition that opened last year in Alsace, has toured France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and in September is going to South Africa!