Life Drawing Classes in Stratford upon Avon – 2nd November and 7th December 2013

Neil Moore is a very experienced and good art teacher, and is an accomplished artist in his own right – in fact I think I remember him saying that he’s an artist first and a teacher second!

He regularly holds classes in Shottery (very near to Stratford  upon Avon) and the two next clases are in November and December.

He taught your author to draw!  I’m not sure if that pleases him or not, but I found his classes very useful!

He has two types of class. The first is drawing a mixture of poses some at speed – a few minutes no more. Then more considered drawings as the day progresses. It’s fairly intense but is designed to loosen you up and jog the brain into obeying the eyes.

The second sort of class is a day long pose and is a chance to draw and paint from life, and produce a piece of work that stands alone or can be worked on at your leisure.