Heart Space Studios – Bristol. For everything Textile.

I read an article on an excellent blog recently about Heart Space Studios in Bristol.

Read the full article here on Helen Cobby’s blog 
Helen wrote an excellent piece about Through Our Hands when they exhibited at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. She has kindly linked to it in her comments section, underneath the main posting.

It sounds as if it could definitely be a place to check out if you live near Bristol.  An opportunity to do some really first class workshops. Here’s a small extract from Helen’s blog for you……

“Just off Coldharbour Road, Heart Space Studios offers a unique experience for all those interested in textile art and craft. It hosts a wide range of workshops, which draw upon different textile-inspired techniques including stitching, embellishing, quilting, felting, and beading. Experimentation is always encouraged. This enterprise is still a relatively new phenomenon for Bristol and is well worth exploring.

The Heart Space team is made up of a mixture of local freelancers and volunteers. They draw upon a rich (and largely local) network of professional fashion and textile artists to lead each of the workshops, as well as taking several classes themselves”   ……….(cont)  Read more by clicking the link above.