Teacosies – just to amuse you.

OK, I confess.  I have a terrible soft spot for a novelty tea cosy.  I love teapots too, but don’t use them.  If I drink tea, it’s a quick dunk with a teabag!

But I thought I’d show you some of these just for amusement.

There is absolutely no affiliation, but I’ll put a link here and there in case you decide you can’t live without one of them.  This delightful chicken is here 

This cardigan (I like cardigans and have a wide selection but nothing that would fit a teapot….maybe a samovar!)

This one appears to be a free pattern for you to make yourself..here

The link will take you to the blog, but the posting for this one is on the 25th April 2011 so you’ll have to scroll back a bit.

Another flowery one!

Here it is.

Finally for today, just to show you what happens when you get carried away with an idea!

There’s no link for this one I’m afraid.  It appears to be a competition winner and isn’t for sale.