TOH artist, Michala Gyetvai, in Workbox magazine.

IMG_4145 small stitched piece


Michala, (click on “artists” to see her portfolio) currently features on the front page of workbox


She says on her blog

“Last March I exhibited my work at the Fashion Embroidery Stitch and Sewing for Pleasure Show at The NEC in Birmingham, it was here the editor of Workbox came across my work and asked if they could feature my embroidery in their new look magazine.
So here I am, in the January / February 2014 issue of the magazine where you can read more about my art work.
It’s been another busy month of stitching, drawing and getting ready for my next exhibition in Oxfordshire in January! ( hence my lack of blogging)
At the beginning of the month I visited the Cherwell Valley Embroiderers Guild for a days workshop
( I had previously visited to give a talk).
Now I was able to share machine with hand embroidery skills and to give advice on how members could develop their own work through experimentation using sketchbooks.
I find this process so rewarding and it was exciting to see how different everyone approached the task at hand, using various media including threads and fabrics.”