Linda Colsh – The Long Run

Linda Colsh – The Long Run

Linda Colsh

With an emphasis on surface design, painting & printing, I explore humanist themes that focus on aspects of growing old and the issues of the elderly: solitude, invisibility, privacy, identity, and concepts of what is beautiful (or not). My work references the concept of control: people struggling to stay in control when things get out of control. I choose imagery that expresses how experience enables people to cope (or not) with the often-overwhelming world they navigate day in and day out.

I examine the relationship between the individual and society, suggesting mutual responsibilities and sometimes bringing to light irresponsibility. I hope to create a mood of grit and determination and to respect the characters that populate my artwork.

In addition to practicality (my artwork, exhibited and in collections around the world, easily rolls and folds), I work in layered and stitched cloth for esthetic reasons. Fiber is tactile. Stitch and layers create subtle shadows that add dimension to the statement made by the printed, painted and drawn images. While my art is primarily visual, the soft suppleness of cut, sewn, layered cloth pierced by needle and thread brings other senses and even emotions into play.

What I see, what I cannot see and what I imagine are all important. To reveal more than my eyes see, I set my mind’s eye working to fill in the blanks and to imagine what is obscured. I am intrigued by the idea of edges and people who live in the margins.