Els van Baarle – Zeeland



3 x 25 x 275 cm,

JVH_9743 P8060074

Silk organza, batik, silkscreen,sye, discharge.


Els van Baarle is a textile artist/teacher from the Netherlands.

She teaches surface design classes all over the world.

She has won many awards and prizes with her large scale art-cloth pieces. Her work has been widely published.

Art-works are in private and museum collections.


recent publications

2010 The art Quilt Collection,designs and inspiration from around the       world. Sixth and Spring Books, USA

2012  Art Quilting Studio, summer issue ,Stampington.USA.

2012  Quilting Arts, Interweave Press.USA.

2012  Textil Forum, July issue, Germany.

2012   My batik , 18th issue .Malaysia.

2013  Textiel Leeft, Ellen Design,  Netherlands.

2013  Textiles, Mary Schoesser, London UK.

2013   Patchwork Professional, issue 2 , Germany.

2013   ArtQuilts in Nederland, Henk Lijding, The Netherlands

2013   Connected Cloth, Cas Holmes/ Anne Kelley


2012 Salon Blanc, Tokyo, Japan, excellence award.

 2010 Stofftraume, Irsee ,Germany, second prize.

2008 Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus ,Ohio, USA . best of all.

2006 Zeit Stucke, Irsee, Germany, first prize.

2005, Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Fabric 2005, first prize.

2004 Surfaces,  Irsee, Germany, second prize.

2001 Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus Ohio, best of all.

1998 Taegu International Textile Design Competition, Korea, merit award,

1995 Stichting Textiel Plus , the Netherlands , first prize .

1994-2000  QSDS Columbus Ohio, USA, first, second and third prizes.

1993 Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus Ohio, USA  .first prize .Fabric ’93.

1992 Stichting Textiel Plus, the Netherlands, best of all.

1989 Stichting Textiel Plus, the Netherlands, third price.

1987 CSMC Art Exhibit, Los Angeles , USA honourable mention.





2914 Museum de Kantfabriek, Horst, Netherlands.

2014 Galerie de Kunstpraktijk, Veldhoven, Netherlands.

2014 Architectur’ Elles , Le Mans, France.

2014 Salon Blanc ,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2013 travelling exhibition  MemoryCloth, Australia.

2013 travelling exhibition Quilt Triennial, Heidelberg, Germany.

2013 travelling exhibition  European Art Quilt.

2012 “ Watermarks” ,The Morgan Conservatory,Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

2012 “ From Lausanne to Beijng” , Fiberarts Biennale, Beijing, China.

2012 European Patchwork Meeting, St. Marie aux Mines, France.

2012 Salon Blanc, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

2012  Papier Biennale , France .

2012 5th European Quilt Triennial, Heidelberg, Germany.

2012  European Art Quilt Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK.

2012  4 th Triennial of Textile Art, Gallery Szombathely, Hungary.

2011  Galerie “de Osseberg “ ,Grijpskerke , the Netherlands.

2011 Texpo Art, 2nd. International Triennial of Textile Arts, Iasi, Romania.

2011  Paper Bash for Global Understanding, Manilla, Philippines.

2011 Galerie Quiltstar , Freiburg , Germany.

2011 Silver, 69 Smithstreet Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

2011 Makurazaki Art Museum, Makurazaki, Japan.

2010 TexpoART   biennial,  Iasi, Romania .

2010 Museum Kasteel Wijchen, the Netherlands.

2010  Musee d’Art & d’Histoire, Neufchatel, Switzerland .

2010 Museum Tricot, Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

2010 Vijzelstraat Museum , Amsterdam , the Netherlands..

2010 Wir sind aus solchem Stoff…Irsee, Germany,, Switzerland, France.

2010 European Art Quilts VI, England, Netherlands, Hungary ,Germany, Denmark.

2009 Art Cloth: Engaging New Visisons , Fairfield Museum and Gallery, Fairfield, Australia.

2009 Textilmuseum Max Berk, Heidelberg, Deutschland Quilt Triennial.

2008 Material Matters, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

2008 Quilt festival, Birmingham, UK.

2008 Musée Parc de Wesserling, Wesserling, France.

2008 Museum Marie Tak van Poortvliet, 50 jaar Zeeuwse Kunstkring, Domburg NL.

2007 Quilt Art Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland.

2007 3rd European Quilt Triennial, Heidelberg, Germany.

2007 Remains, Fort Rammekens, Ritthem, the Netherlands.

2006 Explorations II,  Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

2006 2nd Flag Triennial, Szombathely, Hungary.

2006 Mini Art Triennial, Szombathely, Hungary.

2006 Unearthing, Piece Hall Gallery, Halifax, UK.

2006 Contemporary Quilts, Uffington and London, UK.

2006  3 . Europaische Quilt Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany.

2005 World Batik Conference, Doran Gallery, Boston, USA.

2005 Postal Art, Silk Museum, Campel, France.

2005 La Soi enTouraine, Tours, France.

2005 Filophilo, Mini Art Textile Exhibition, Como, Italy.

2004 Manfield Art Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

2004 Musée de l’ Impressions sur Etoffes, Mulhouse, France.

2004 International Baltic Miniature Textile Triennial, Central Maritime Museum, Gdansk, Poland.

2004 Galerie Quilt und Textilkunst, Munich, Germany.

2004 Galerie Smend, Cologne, Germany.

2004 Gwanju International Art-to-Wear exhibition, Gwanju, Korea.

2003 Batik 2003, Art in Motion, Miat, Gent, Belgium.

2003 1st Triennial of Textile Art, Szombathely, Hungary.

2003 International Batik exhibition, Aarhus, Denmark.

2002 Einblicke Durchblicke,Ausblicke, Germany, France,

2002  magiche trameMiniartextileComo, Italy,

2001 Tradition and Innovation, European Textile Art Exhibition, Riga, Latvia.

2001 Miniatuur Biennale, Gdynia, Poland.

2000 2nd International Flag Biennial Szombathely , Hungary.

1999 Ffli di Luce, Miniartextil, Como , Italy.

1999 International Batik Gathering Now & Then, Gent, Belgium.

1998 Textile Unesco,1998, Salle Miro, Paris, France.

1997 The Cahoon Museum of American Art, Cotuit, Ma. USA.